• Amy Surburg

Reflections of a small farmer as we get in to Autumn

Run, run, run little carrot! Working on the farm is often hectic. Thing is, I love the sunshine and growing things. I love that our farm is taking this little bit of land and making it an oasis for wildlife and butterflies. We work to keep our ecosystem as natural as possible. That's often the harder way of doing things - we don't use herbicides for weeds and we don't spray every time we see a bug. But, even though I walk in to spider webs in my greenhouse sometimes, I'm not bothered. Why? Because I see those scary looking dudes as my friends, helping keep the other bugs that are eating my plants under control. Everything in life requires balance and a farm is no exception. So, my running carrot will keep on going, running as fast as it can to keep the business running while making a very slow change in the environment in our little corner of the world.

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