Berry Goods Farm LLC 

Berry Goods Farm LLC was incorporated in 2015 by Amy Surburg, an engineer turned homemaker and farmer.  Amy has a passion for growing good food.  She loves to cook for her big family using the freshest and most healthy ingredients she can find.  All of the products we offer at Berry Goods Farm are things you'll find on our family's dinner table. 


What we Believe 

We believe that healthy soil is the foundation for healthy animals and people.  Good nutrition starts from the ground up.  We strive to be good stewards of our little plot of land on this earth, using sustainable and humane methods to grow our fruit and vegetables and raise our animals.  Everything on our farm is designed to work together.  Our chickens help enrich the soil at the same time that they are pecking for greens to keep themselves healthy and eating the bugs to keep them away from our other crops.  We use locally sourced, non-GMO feeds to feed our pastured chicken and turkey.  We use organic fertilizers and compost on our farm and strive to minimize all sprays on our vegetables and berries.  When we need to use a spray, we only use OMRI approved products.  Our five children are involved in every aspect of the farm, each according to their age and ability.  We want it to be safe for them to go out to our garden and eat a fresh vegetable standing right there.  We keep this in mind with every spraying decision we have to make.